Experience a Premium Cheapest cPanel Hosting

Seamless cheapest cPanel hosting for personal site to a giant client, deploy thousands of open source apps on one click or import a project from GitHub, everything is smooth and simple as possible. Gaining trust of online visitors or improving rank in search engines become painless with perfect load balancing and Redis caching to fetch your website faster than ever.

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Scaling as Developers choice

Cyberin become first choice of the developers with maximum customization and flexibility.

Hosted on top notch data centers to provide extremely fast SSD cloud hosting experience.

We utilize a one of a best setup of NGINX and Litespeed API (mod_lsapi). 

We use cloud based MailChannels to route your all your webmail’s outgoing emails with multiple distributed networks so no more email, IP blacklisting and no more delay in email deliveries. Experience a fully pro web mail.

Full page caching powered by Redis – by far the fastest caching method available for cPanel and enabled CageFS for each account to automatically cleans malwares including DNS scan by Cloudns.

We configured Nginx and LiteSpeed PHP and has been carefully to speed up PHP performance and only trust on top datacenter’s provider such as DigitalOcean and Amazon Cloud.

Trust Of Security and Optimization

We care for all our customers, that’s why included some advance features that others missing.

We are one of the fastest growing cloud hosting provider in India since 2012. 


PHP plugins under your control, developers friendly hosting

Automated free daily backup for every cPanel as our Standard

Let's Encrypt 256 bit free SSL pre install within every cPanel

CageFS cleans and protect you from malware and spam files

No noisy neighbourhood, stand alone CPU and RAM resources

World's leading data center's only, DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS or Similar

Latest cPanel or WHM only, because we trust on features

Very flexible billing tenure, monthly or yearly on your choice

30days great money back for all hosting products

Lowest trial price as low as INR 29 for first 30days

Pay as you go, easy payments

No lock in, monthly to yearly hassle free payment options.

Now available with choice of data center


first 30days for ₹ 29 only

₹99 / mo
    An entry tool for those just starting out with 2GB of storage + free SSL & daily backup

    Host Domain: 1

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first 30days for ₹ 29 only

₹149 / mo
    Great for growing business, 20GB of storage and 100GB bandwidth + free SSL & daily backup

    Host Domain: 1

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first 30days for ₹ 29 only

₹199 / mo
    Everything you need to get unlimited storage, bandwidth, SSL and daily backup

    Host Domain: 1

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first 30days for ₹ 29 only

₹199 / mo
    An entry tool for those just starting out with 20GB of storage + free SSL and daily backup

    Host Domain: 5

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first 30days for ₹ 29 only

₹299 / mo
    Great for growing business, 50GB of storage and 100GB bandwidth + free SSL and daily backup

    Host Domain: 10

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first 30days for ₹ 29 only

₹399 / mo
    Everything you need to get unlimited storage, bandwidth, SSL and daily backup

    Host Domain: Unlimited

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Common Hosting Features

Varnish web application accelerator, CloudFlare CDN to speedup and protection for your web site's content on all over the world and your website get loads from visitors closest location. That will make your website load super fast no matter where your visitors are located. Google Page speed addon automatically do the web performance to your web pages, improve Google ranking.

Standard Features
cPanel Control: Yes
Email Accounts: Yes
MySQL Databases: Yes
PHP and Perl: Yes
Cron Jobs: Yes
Free SSL: Yes
SSH Access: Yes
LiteSpeed API: Yes
Cyberin Included +
Daily Backup: Yes
ClouDns: Yes
CPU: 1v (100%)
IOPS: 2048
IO Usage: 20MB/S
Entry Processes: 30
NP: 100

Deploy and Sit relax, we will handle the rest

Very-fast, Secure, Stable and Reliable Unlimited Cloud SSD Hosting. Cyberin is a faithful hosting brand name and team working in India. We presently give one of the India’s low cost super fast web hosting with multiple server location available.

Independent CPU, RAM & SSH

Including Varnish Acceleration you are the sole owner of your resources and process. Manage everything on the choice. Inbuilt command line utilities under your cPanel to perform your development related task quickly

Combination of LiteSpeed & Nginx

We are using a great combination of Nginx and LiteSpeed API to reduce CPU load when the number of concrete connections exceeds for a single cPanel and this helps us to achieve maximum uptime.

No more spinning HDD

No spinning platters, no motors just pure solid transistors. Hardware combinations with SSD can perform 20 times faster than HDD. Consume less power and listen to commands quickly.

Free cPanel hosting transfer

You purchased a service for year or after a trial finally decided to go with us. Never mind! we are here to help and will transfer your existing website from your current provider fast and free.

Lowest non cPanel transfer

Your website hosted on custom control panel and moving is difficult for you? transferring a website from custom control panel takes manual efforts and takes several hours to complete the process. However we will try to evaluate lowest possible fee.

Promise for Premium Web mail

We are using MailChannles routed email delivery network to route all your outgoing emails from multiple distributed channel to prevent any IP black listing and do provide hassle free premium webmail experience only with us.

A single Click WordPress

If you want to install a fresh copy of WordPress then it’s become super easy. Install WordPress with a single click (option available under cPanel). You can also install 450+ open source CMS just in a click.

Partial to Full Caching

Empower full caching served by Redis - setup is not required and coding practices and optional based on your choice It will save and serve your pages from the memory and handle the execution

Superior security and fast CDN

We super charge your website and based applications with our cPanel hosting package with 100% enterprise-level SSD storage. We know that is importance of a fast loading website.

Instant Account Activation

Go your website live up instantly. All our Hosting packages setup are automated upon payment confirmation. You will get complete details in next minute to start using your hosting space.

No Surprises, fixed Price

Your account always been protected for any price hike, renew your hosting on the same deal price you purchased with no hidden fees or contracts. We are always fair by terms so we don't have any hidden fees or additional charges for any service.

Honest and Reliable

We put our customers first, we care and support with the most possible way and that they love us back! several have committed their important time to share their views and encounters on TrustPilot.

Own Innovation Team

Our group of engineers are continually creating a good and useful stuff for our customers on a regular basis, cPanel and WHM to guarantee your hosting experience unbeatable.

India’s Independent Provider

We are one ofIndia's fastest growing cloud hosting team, currently we are serving more than 9K+ customers sites with rapidly growth year on year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All we need is customer’s satisfaction. If somehow we don't seem to be 100% pleased with any part of our product or services, you're welcome to get your money back within 30 days of period.

24 by 7 Human Support

You can understand the situation of trouble and never leave you alone behind. We are active on live chat for almost 16 hours a day after that just one ticket away to listen your concern and ready for quick support.

Account and Billing

We do accept following payment method at the moment:

  1. Ccavenue – (for Indian customers)
  2. PayPal – ( for International customers)

You can get a full refund if you cancel your service within 30days of activation. After 30 days there is no refund applicable for your account.

Based on the billing tenure your account will remove and you are not able to restore your files. So, before making a cancellation request please download backup of all your files.

Big No, there is nothing to hide and nothing we charge extra. Once you paid you only need to pay your recurring annual or monthly fee based on your selected tenure.

No, we do not offer free or one time paid any hosting services. Because, we have a good reason for this. If you know, most of such hosting providers will give you overloaded, blacklisted or low configure servers. It’s not quite possible to offer something free when you have to pay regular several licence and storage fees. That’s the only reason we believe in charging a low but fair amount so everyone can afford our cloud hosting services, with excellent uptime, without any overloading and industries safest hosting package.

Customer Support

We are a team of skilled support people and always ready to help you with any problems you may have with our product. We are also having large list of d knowledge base hosting articles support we provide.

Hosting Upgrade

There are multiple options available for this scenario.

  1. Cancel your existing order and get your money back.
  2. Upgrade from your control panel if needed.
  3. Ask us to upgrade if you want to upgrade and no option available.

Yes, at any moment of your billing you can upgrade your account if more resources needed. All the upgrade set on automation and option available under your client area so you can do just with few clicks with a pro-rata invoice will create (based on the difference between the current packages and upgraded).

Shared Hosting

Yes, we do support for Python with light flag and may you are capable to delpy small level apps for learning or testing purpose.

Partially, because cPanel not fully capable to handle NodeJS application on a shared hosting platform. You may need to opt a VPS or Dedicated Hosting to obtain all the features of NodeJS.

We do support all available PHP versions at the moment including the latest one (7.2 – 4.4), along with allowing all cPanel accounts and option to select their PHP version and module PHP settings.

Yes, we do offer a free cPanel to cPanel migration or website transfer service with 10GB of existing storage limit. If your storage exceeds for more than 10GB, our team will guide you step-by-step on how to move your web files, existing emails, etc. *Free migration not applicable on trial plans.

All our servers and packages pre included with FREE SSL Certificates for every domain. We do offer free LetsEncrypt 256 bit SSL to our users, there is no limit so you can activate many as you want even for addon domains you are using.

Truly, our SSD cloud web hosting arrangement is completely enhanced for most well-known applications. Our application installer continues 200 web applications, very friendly available from inside your hosting control panel in a couple of clicks.

Cyberin, Cheapest Web Hosting & Domains,

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We care, we think, we support brilliantly to every one of our client
We are proud and willing to say as we are only in the industry who offer such most awaiting stack of softwares on World Class datacenters such as DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Cloud and Vultr, where others providers don’t offer. Our prices are competitive but that doesn’t mean we cut corners. On the hardware’s we combine quality hosting and support brilliantly.
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