I opt for wrong hosting product, what should I do?

There are multiple options available for this scenario. Cancel your existing order and get your money back. Upgrade from your control panel if needed. Ask us to upgrade if you want to upgrade and no option available.

Do you offer free domain transfer?

Yes, there is no fee for domain transfer. However, only domain can be transferred not it’s validity so you have to pay the fee for renewal.

I opt a free domain service get full refund if cancelled within 30days?

Domain registration is something not qualify for refund just because there is no way to refund the amount as already paid to registrar. In such case you will get partial refund and you are able to manage your domain from client area.

Do you support Python with cPanel?

Yes, we do support for Python with light flag and may you are capable to delpy small level apps for learning or testing purpose.

Do you support Node JS with cPanel?

Partially, because cPanel not fully capable to handle NodeJS application on a shared hosting platform. You may need to opt a VPS or Dedicated Hosting to obtain all the features of NodeJS.

Can I upgrade my web hosting later?

Yes, at any moment of your billing you can upgrade your account if more resources needed. All the upgrade set on automation and option available under your client area so you can do just with few clicks with a pro-rata invoice will create (based on the difference between the current packages and upgraded).

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